Beat The Blues


The January blues or winter blues are something we are all familiar with. Gone is the colour and excitement of Christmas leaving behind credit card bills, cold weather and long, dark nights. This year, the January Blues feel that much more depressing, Omicron is everywhere and while we may be testing positive our mood is feeling pretty negative. Here are some top tips from leading mental health experts on how to cope with the 2022 January blues.


Gail Marra, clinical hypnotherapist and author of Health Wealth & Hypnosis 


Boost your serotonin! Practise deep abdominal breathing. When you take a deep breath right down into your lower abdomen, your heart rate quickens slightly. As you exhale slowly your heart rate slows down. By focusing on taking five or six slow deep breaths, your heart rate and your breath will synchronise, signalling to your brain to release wonderful feel-good hormones like serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin and endorphins, all of which have a natural calming, balancing effect on your mind and body. Do this often during the day or any time you notice yourself losing the will to work!

LSW Mind Cards

LSW Mind Cards are designed to help you to become more mindful of your thoughts and feelings and give you the tools needed to look after your mental health & happiness, focus on the present and spread positivity & self care throughout your life.

By introducing positive habits into your everyday, Mind Cards will give you the self gift of creating the healthiest and happiest life for you.

How to use:

Each day select a card at random and take the action stated on the card. Building the habit of making positive choices each day will help you lead a more fulfilling and happier life.

What you get:

45 individually designed cards presented in a beautiful lidded box. The cards are split across the following 5 categories:

Kindness - Random acts of kindness release hormones such as oxytocin and serotonin that increase energy and happiness and decrease anxiety, stress and blood pressure. Each Kindness card has a different action you can take designed to offer kindness towards the outside world.

Ritual - Building positive, mindful, rituals into your daily life can be incredibly beneficial to your wellbeing. They can help you to slow down and connect with your actions in a world in which we are so used to racing through everything we do. Each Ritual card has a different short activity which can be turned into a ritual that can be incorporated into your daily routine.

Gratitude - Make time to stop and appreciate what makes you happy. Gratitude cards will remind you to look out for the little things daily in order to create greater overall happiness. Practising gratitude has been shown to enhance empathy and reduce negative emotions such as envy and resentment. It can also help to improve self esteem and mental strength. Each card holds a different gratitude exercise to action daily.

Journal - Journaling is a powerful way to reflect on how you are living and what you could be doing differently to be more fulfilled. The Journal cards offer up a number of questions to help you dig deep and figure out what changes you might need to make, if any. When the same card is selected a second time, think about whether you can answer the question in the same way or what might have changed in your life that affects a new answer.

Reflection - Take 10 minutes of your day to reflect on the quote on your chosen card. Focus on how this quote could apply to your life in the present and how you can use the meaning behind the words to better yourself and your life. When the same card is selected a second time, reflect on any changes you might have in your response dependent on where you are in the present moment.


Frederique Murphy, leadership mindset strategist and author of Lead Beyond The Edge: The Bold Path to Extraordinary Results

Reward yourself

Did you know that our brains respond extremely well to rewards? Decide on the reward you’ll get upon completion of your new thing. Treat yourself with a gift, massage, movie, book… By visualising the celebration, your reward desire will motivate you further, as you know what’s coming up upon completion.

Botanical Pamper Box  - Zero Waste

The Flawless Botanical Pamper Box has been created for the ultimate home spa experience. Allow them to indulge in a luxurious, botanical floral pamper that will leave their body and mind feeling relaxed. Created with love, to make her feel loved.

Inside you will find:
Glass Nail File - Give those nails a little bit of TLC with our limited edition glass nail file. It's a home manicure essential, making them stronger and healthier.

Oriental Bliss Body Wash 100ml - Run a hot bath and indulge in our luxurious Oriental Bliss Body Wash packed with frangipani and jasmine to give the skin a hydration boost and leave it feeling nourished.

Sweet Dreams Sugar Scrub 60ml - Scrub away any dirt, dead skin cells and excess oils with this calming sugar scrub. Created with lavender and sweet tonka bean to leave the feeling beautifully soft.

Oriental Bliss Body Cream 100ml - Massage onto your body in upward, circular motions to lock in the moisture and leave your skin glowing.

Pair of Fluffy Socks - Slip these on, put your feet up and enjoy your favourite film.

Sweet Dreams Pulse Point Balm 15ml - Apply the balm to your pulse points just before bed as the relaxing essential oils of lavender and Ylang Ylang ensure a night of sweet dreams.


Express gratitude

At times when you feel low, shift your energy by turning your brain onto gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful habit, and one that has been proven to have neural effects in the brain. Write down five things you are grateful for every day –  ideally by hand, and as the last thing you do before night.

Sunset Yellow Happy Mind Happy Life Positivity Planner

An A5-sized planner to help you live a positive and mindful life. This ring binder notebook includes lots of fun activities to declutter a busy mind, plus plenty of space for your own notes to help you explore your thoughts and feelings as well as your goals and achievements. Designed in-house, this journal features a beautiful sunset design in calming neutral tones with 'happy mind happy life' wording on the front. Perfect for relaxing and reflecting, this planner makes an excellent gift for a friend for their birthday or just because. 

Nic Marks, happiness expert, therapist, and CEO of Friday Pulse™

Connect with people 

Working from home inevitably makes us feel more isolated. We not only miss our teammates but also those ad hoc interactions that occur daily. To counter this, reach out to a different colleague each day. Book in a coffee over Zoom, or go for a walk and talk meeting. It’s guaranteed to enrich both their day and yours.

Supertea - Various Flavours

Fancy a cuppa? Tickle your taste buds with our excellent variety of teas.

Supertea is a collection of organic blends, based on super foods, including super teas, super herbs, super fruits and/or super spices. Organically sourced in small batches. Created by Teministeriet (Tea Ministry) in Sweden.

Each box contains 20 individually wrapped biodegradable tea bags.


Chai Krishna

This tea perfectly combines the comforting scent of black tea with that of spices such as cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. 

English Breakfast Tea

This aroma of this black tea blend calls to mind the scent of freshly cut plants, and the more fermented the leaves are, the stronger the aroma will be. Its preparation carries an added benefit : when a pot of English breakfast tea is made, its pleasant aroma often lingers in the air for an hour or two.

Earl Grey

Grey may mean "grey" but its taste is anything but dull. Lively, aromatic and deliciously invigorating, Earl Gray is a classic black tea with a hint of citrus and bergamot. For centuries, it has been the favourite afternoon tea, paired with traditional scones.

Chamomile and Thyme 

Relaxing Tea - Thyme and chamomile are the perfect combination for winter. Indeed, thyme is beneficial for the respiratory tract and the throat. While chamomile is a perfect relaxer. This combination will help you calm down.

 Liquorice Fennel Digest 

This is a blend of organic herbs - liquorice, fennel, cinnamon, peppermint, ginger, cardamom, cloves, and black pepper. It will calm your nerves and soothe your digestive system.

Aronia Berries Organic 

This is a blend of organic green tea, hibiscus, liquorice, chokeberry, black currant, and vanilla. Light sweetness of fruit mingles with a pleasant aroma of vanilla. Delicious flavour comes together with healthy antioxidants.

Lemongrass Ginger Organic 

This is a blend of organic lemongrass and ginger. Warming, refreshing, with a pleasant acidity.

Apple Elderflower Organic 

This is a blend of organic green tea, lemongrass, liquorice, apple bits, elderflower, and apricot bits. Delicious flavour comes together with healthy antioxidants.

Green Tea Lemon Organic 

This is a blend of organic green tea and lemongrass. Delicious and refreshing flavour comes together with healthy antioxidants.



Dr Olivia Remes, mental health researcher and author of The Instant Mood Fix

Take a dose of positive emotion

January can dampen our moods but taking a dose of positive emotion, such as by watching your favourite comedian for five to 10 minutes, can offer a lift. This boost can make it easier to get things done. This is a great hack when our motivation dips, as is bound to happen when we’re dealing with the monotony of working from home again. A boost of positive emotion also raises your endorphin levels (feel-good chemicals in the body), and lowers your stress hormone levels.  

Increase your “intolerance of uncertainty”

One thing that can help us during this time is tackling intolerance of uncertainty – becoming more comfortable with “not knowing” rather than letting it fuel our fears. In my coaching practice, when I ask people who may be struggling with anxiety how they’ve been trying to cope, oftentimes they will say that they’ve been trying to increase the certainty – doing everything they can to feel more sure in an uncertain situation (working longer hours at the expense of their health, indulging superstitions to prevent dreaded outcomes). But doing this only serves to raise their stress and dampen their moods even more. A much more effective way of going about it is working to increase the tolerance. Becoming more tolerant of unpredictable situations – whether it’s job insecurity or this pandemic. You do what you can (getting the work report in on time, wearing a mask in crowded indoor places), and then letting the chips fall where they may.  

Stop worrying

Oftentimes we think that worrying helps us arrive at a useful solution. And this is why we may become preoccupied with our worries, focusing on worst-case scenarios and trying to mentally solve them. But worrying can dampen our moods.



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