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Do you struggle to switch off? Find it difficult living, working and relaxing in the same space? If you have answered yes to any of the above, you need to give ‘Fragrance zoning’ a try. Fragrance zoning is a well-being and self-care approach to help you stimulate your senses and boost productivity.

Working from home is great. No commute, an unending s of free snacks and hot drinks and even the occasional lunchtime nap (no judgement here!). Working from home is not so great when cat throws up on your computer and your neighbour decides the middle of the working week is the best time to start testing out all their power tools and noisy machinery.

COVID-19 has caused remote work to become necessary rather than a luxury for many professionals.

Home working can blur the lines between personal and professional life, this means many of us are working longer hours than before the pandemic hit.

It can be incredibly difficult to switch off when your kitchen is your meeting room, your bed is your desk, and your housemates and family members are as familiar with your co-workers as you are. Fragrance zoning is one way that can help create boundaries between home and work.

 What is fragrance zoning?

"According to the new wellness trend "fragrance-zoning", otherwise known as "scent-scaping", it's possible to divide your house and your day up using different scents, compartmentalising each room or each time period in your mind." (“What Is Fragrance-Zoning and Scent-Scaping ... - Glamour UK”)

 Fragrance zoning uses your neurological make-up to hack your everyday emotions. “This is a fairly new trend based on the idea of having different scents in different moments of our daily life,” explains Giada Brianza, MSc in clinical, developmental psychology and neuropsychology. “In a moment of uncertainty and isolation, associating scents with certain activities or rooms can help people to maintain a good balance between working and relaxing. The rationale is to exploit the positive effects that scents have on our feelings and mood."

What are the benefits of fragrance zoning?

"At the moment, with the stress of the virus, feelings of isolation, and difficulties adjusting to working from home or on a totally different schedule, I am recommending using the power of aroma to modulate your psychology, more than ever," says Dr Tara Swart, neuroscientist. "We can choose smells to help us focus on work without distraction; to motivate us to exercise; to reduce stress, I recommend using smell to structure a day generally in terms of a morning and evening ritual."

In this way, a certain scent can send subconscious triggers within our brains to switch a different frame of mind. "Our sense of smell is linked to the area of the brain governing instinct, memory and emotion, and it is the most evocative and primitive of all our senses," says Aromatherapy Associates Education and Wellbeing Director, Christina Salcedas. "Through these scent pathways, essential oils and fragrances can have a dynamic effect on our emotional state. They help transform our moods, moving us from one state of mind to another."

 How do you fragrance zone?

Experts recommend using one scent for working hours, and a totally different one when it's time to wind down. You can even incorporate a different scent for workout hour, for energy and for concentration too.

So, which scents should you choose to boost your days at home?

 Scents to help boost energy

According to Dr Swart, you should always start the day with something invigorating. "Zesty citrus scents revive us and help energise us for the day in the morning." Try our gorgeous ‘Lime and Basil’ candles with a combination of green citrus fresh limes leading to herbal notes of basil with a warm accord of woods and amber.

Scents to create a calm environment

When it comes to balancing emotions, transform the atmosphere with our 100% natural room & linen mist. Designed to freshen the air and lift the mood using the therapeutic properties of organic essential oils.

Our Breathe mist is made with a cool, refreshing blend of organic Scotch Pine, Rosemary, Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils, to help clear the airways and stimulate the senses. Ideal for uplifting any space with its fresh, menthol herbaceous aroma.

Scents to boost concentration and motivate

When working from home it is so important to be able to remain focused and motivated to complete work to a high standard. Invigorate the air with the freshness of the coast. Windswept walks along the beach, the air fresh with sea salt and the mineral scent of rugged cliffs. Try our ‘Sea Salt and Wood Sage’ candles

Scents for sleep

Lavender is renowned for its dream-inducing aroma and combining it with a nice hot bath can intensify the benefits. "Make your fragrances work harder for you," says Christina. "Take a self-care soak with a relaxing scent to get the most from it.” Try our Botanical Bath Fizz in Lavender and Spearmint.


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