Recent population studies have shown an increase in population and human demands. Consequently, there are limited natural resources to help support and meet the demands of the population. Due to this effect, it is important to maintain and take care of the environment. 

There's an increase in the release of unwanted waste products into the environment, making it unsafe and unhealthy for living. Everyone is responsible for a safe and conducive environment, which can only be achieved using eco-friendly products- Sustainable gifts, eco gifts, and bamboo products. 

As the name implies, eco-friendly products are resources produced to help reduce the release and spread of harmful substances into the environment. They are general resources made from organic and natural materials. These materials can be found naturally in nature and recycled or reused. 

Everyone is obligated to keeping the environment safe; the release of more harmful products into the environment makes it not only unconducive but also affects the ozone layer. The change must be implemented by everyone regardless of age and status. 



As mentioned previously, eco products are modern resolutions to eliminating pollution and living a healthy lifestyle. To live long and enjoy quality time with family and friends, eco-friendly products must be duly embraced by all. Below are highlighted reasons why eco products like sustainable gifts and bamboo products are essential to healthy living. 

• Regeneration of soil and Removal of Toxins: Plants like bamboo trees can grow in areas with poor soil conditions. However, the cultivation of bamboo trees in these lands will regenerate and nourish the soil through its leaves shredding on the soil. More so, toxins get trapped in the bamboo stalk, making them less harmful to humans and the soil. 

• Conducive Environment: Cultivation of eco-friendly products leads to more oxygen for restoration and eliminating used carbon dioxide. Also, the elimination of used organic products by recycling them to make eco products contributes to human health. This process helps keep the atmosphere safe and healthy for breathing. 

• Reduction of Plastic Wastes: Sustainable gifts can be easily packaged with biodegradable materials, providing an environmentally friendly alternative for the home and environment. 

• Durable: Eco products are durable and made to last for a long period. They are designed to fit into every home packaging and shopping activity. 

More so, the most important and relevant use of these products is in the home. Women generally have a major role in using eco products as they seem to have more specialty in grocery shopping and packaging gifts. Supply and availability of these products must be taken with a keen interest in every home to ensure a safe and healthy living environment. 

There is a long list of eco-friendly products that every home should have. Like sustainable gifts and bamboo products, they are readily available for everyone and help aid every activity in the home whilst protecting the environment. 



Eco - Friendly products are biologically safe and healthy for everyone. Coupled with their major role of keeping the eco-system productive, they are sustainable products and recycled or renewed regularly. Also, they are affordable, quality products which are great value for money. 


Need a small eco product for packaging your lunch to the office or for days out? This lunch bag is durable, lightweight, and can withstand the considerable weight of flask or food content. The product is made from plastic bottles, recycled to keep the environment clean. 



This is a portable backpack for children. It is made specifically to help your child develop their independence and be responsible for their own belongings. This small farm backpack allows small weights of materials your child can carry easily. Attached is a padded shoulder strap for comfort. This bag is the perfect size for days out, for school and picnics. 


This is a reusable shopping bag made from recycled plastic bottles, fashioned and packaged to aid shopping activities. It can accommodate the weight of your grocery items and it is incredibly strong. This bag is flexible, making it possible to fit into your bag or pocket. Regardless of being made from recycled plastics, it has been strategically designed to match your fashion sense and to protect the environment. 


Looking for a stylish bag to carry those essential products?  Sixton handbags are made of recycled vegan leather, polyester exterior, and lining, fashionably designed to match your outfits and events. They are affordable and available in different sizes and amazing colours. The bejewelled bee brooch will become a talking point with your friends and can be worn on your bag or clothes.  


Looking for socks that provide a soothing feeling and softness for your skin? 

Don't your feet deserve some softness? After all, they do carry you around all day long!  Knitted from the natural bamboo fibre they will give you the softest experience your feet ever had! 
    • Incredibly soft
    • Moisture wicking
    • Allows to stay cool in the heat and stay comfortably warm on colder days
    • Odour resistant - Always a bonus!

These socks are made with care using bamboo fibre and recycled plastic bottles. They are processed with ReNEW recycling technology, which allows to use less resources (water, energy, etc.) than production of new polyester out of crude oil and, of course, helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste!

 Bamboo can be grown without the use of pesticides, which together with other factors such as fast growing rate (provides the same volume as cotton from only 10% of the land area) and low water consumption makes it a sustainable raw material for textiles.




As a business we strive to find the best eco - friendly, sustainable and beautiful quality gifts and products for you to enjoy. 

We all can make a change and save our environment! One small change at a time can have a positive impact on the world in which we live.

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