Summer Fun!


Summer is a time for sun, making memories, and amazing adventures. But sometimes, we all need a little help to decide what to do and how to make the most of each day.

We want to help you plan a summer like no other. Whether you are looking for outdoor adventures, fun with the family, or taking better care of yourself, there are so many great ideas on our list. Remember to continue to keep yourself, your family, and others within the community safe.

  • Make your own ice cream.
  • Run through a sprinkler.
  • Sleep under the stars.
  • Have a water fight.
  • Go stargazing.
  • Nap in a hammock.
  • Sip a rosé (or frosé)
  • Have a barbecue.
  • Try your hand at face painting.
  • Go on a scavenger hunt.
  • Grow a little garden.
  • Create a chalk art gallery on the pavement.
  • Have a Picnic.
  • Visit an outdoor farmer's market.
  • Make massive ice cream sundaes.
  • Learn a new skill e.g. a new dance step, a new hobby, or a new cooking technique.
  •  Have a film night with family and or friends.
  • Create a virtual book club.
  • Watch the sunset.
  • Make homemade lemonade.
  • Kayak, canoe, or paddleboard.
  • Give yourself a fun pedicure (rainbow toes, anyone?)
  • Make a den.
  • Splash in puddles.
  • Go for a scenic drive.
  • Make your own pesto.
  • Go to the beach and get sandy toes.
  • Go fishing.
  • Bake a cherry pie.
  • Climb a tree.
  • Drink a fruity cocktail with an umbrella in it.
  • Eat vegetables and fruit right out of the garden.
  • Dance in the rain.
  • Play rounders.
  • Start a daily diary.
  • Throw a dart in a map and drive to where it lands.
  • Skim rocks into a river or lake.
  • Go fruit picking.
  • Hula Hoop.
  • Make Sangria.
  • Do a Tik Tok dance in a public place.
  • Visit a friend you have not seen in ages.
  • Play hide and seek.
  • Have a DIY spa day at home.
  • Make friendship bracelets.


We would love to hear about the fun you have this summer!

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