IWAS Vase Made from Upcyled Chamapgne Bottles…  IWAS

IWAS Vase Made from Upcyled Chamapgne Bottles…

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Remember that champagne bottle that sealed the deal between you and your partner? Or the one that you cracked open to celebrate your move to the city you now love so much? We cherish those beautiful memories, that’s why we turned those champagne bottles into these beautiful vases. They keep your flowers and happy memories alive.
This upcycled vase has a matte finish. Its timeless design fits on any table.

Color: Olive
Set: 1 piece
Material: IWAS a bottle
Size per product: 190 mm (H) X 88 mm (D) or 7,48” (H) x 3,46” (D)


100% Upcycled

We turn waste into the beautiful products you'll love to use. Enjoy the beauty of waste.


Handmade with love

Our artisans handcraft every product, creating a unique item that matches your style.


Giving Back

With every product you buy, you create durable employment, take care of the environment & support our 'Healthy Meal Program'

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