Cork Coasters  PepMelon
Cork Coasters  PepMelon
Cork Coasters  PepMelon
Cork Coasters  PepMelon

Cork Coasters

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Six super cute dogs on environmentally-friendly cork coasters. Our unique designed cork coaster-set wrapped in modern design, eco-friendly packaging.

Funny dogs, perfect gift for kids too! Puppies like the Saint Bernards / Labrador retriever, the husky, the foxhound, the spaniel, the bulldog / pug, the vizsla. Colour them to make your unique amusing coasters!

Our cork coasters are made in Germany. A modern cork coaster, a high quality design kitchen accessory is a perfect eco-friendly gift idea for parents and families, but for your best friend too.

Cork – be Eco-friendly

The coasters protect your furniture from annoying water stains, unsightly scratches and wine and other marks.

Cork is a natural, renewable and recyclable material, it is biodegradable and 100% environmentally friendly.

And more! Cork is hypoallergenic, and also very light, and there’s no need to cut down a tree to make these products. Read more about why cork is so good!

Handmade Quality

This handmade product is designed and made by PepMelon. We use machines to cut the main shapes, and help to print our design on the cork material. But we sand and finish them by hand during our piece by piece quality control.

Content: 6 pcs of printed cork coasters, Ø 9 cm, 0,6 cm high
Prints: six different cute dogs, Saint Bernards / Labrador retriever, husky, foxhound, spaniel, bulldog / pug, vizsla.
The cork material originates in Portugal.
Product number: CODE33002
EAN-Code: 4260685980288
Made in Germany

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